Thursday, 21 November 2013


When things get hectic and I do interesting craft fairs there is an irresistible temptation to buy a few wee sneaky treats.  In the face of one off goodies I am powerless to resist - the willpower deserts me - it's terrible!

The Collieston Pier Craft Fair was one such haven of goodies ... I came away with this amazing bedside table - had to clear out mega junk and cobwebs but boy is it stunning - thanks to Karen the wonderful creator!

Shirley's Mum made this cute tea cosy ...

Nienke made this beautiful angel ....

And Collieston's knitters made these amazing socks and gloves ... I consider myself to be a bit of a knitter but these two items have always defeated me ... Aren't they just what you need to keep cosy?

My neighbour Rachel had jewellery but I never got a pic ... I reckon this wee village has many talents!  Plus the final tally was £4000 plus raised for the mega bucks repairs against the powerful damage wrought by the North Sea!  

Now winter has arrived ... Check out the scene ...

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